Bradbury Design & Architecture

I confirm that I have been employed within the construction industry for almost 30 years and own an architectural practice which has been long established and carries out a wide range of activities with a large proportion in the residential sector.

I have known Mr Scurr in a professional capacity since 2005 and he has carried out a large number of extensions and conversions that I have designed as the principal. David was one of a few contractors who I had no hesitation in recommending.

He was dependable and honest in all our dealings and I know that he had the best interests of our client at heart. David would produce an excellent finished product and would always keep the site clean and tidy as the clients would generally be living in whilst the works were undertaken. He would also ensure that they were able to live in the house by keeping kitchens etc viable when works were taking place and minimizing disruption to the client.

I would have no hesitation in recommending David for building works and saw him as a valuable asset in being a good reliable builder that I could depend on.

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